Why You Need To Hire A Competent Orange County Tax Attorney

When you owe back taxes to the State of California’s taxing agencies or the IRS, you can effectively take advantage of one or more tax relief options, depending on your specific situation. To determine the right option for you, a complete picture of your financial situation is in order. For this investigation, you need a tax law expert to send a power of attorney to the State and the IRS and also to help you navigate the complex State and IRS tax codes. OC taxpayers can resolve their tax issues in several ways, but only a reliable and competent Orange County tax attorney can help you choose and implement the tax relief strategy that works best for you.

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a popular tax relief option because it allows a taxpayer to settle their tax debt less for less than they owe, but getting an OIC accepted tends to be difficult without the assistance of a well-established tax law firm that has a track record of getting these offers accepted by the IRS and state taxing agencies. That’s why it’s in your best interest to consult with ( free of charge) and retain a top-rated tax attorney Orange County and beyond, at a tax law firm with an OIC success rate as high as 95% like the reputable Hillhurst Tax Group.

If your legal counsel determines, based on your specific situation, that an OIC is not the right tax debt relief method for you, there are other options to resolve your tax debt case. These include an Installment Agreement (IA), also known as an IRS payment plan ( your tax liability is paid in affordable monthly installments), putting you on a Currently Non-Collectible (CNC) status, tax penalty abatement, tax lien removal ( if you’ve failed to respond to the IRS tax notice CP-504B) and wage garnishment or tax levy release, among others. Scheduling a free consultation with a well-known tax attorney is the first step towards settling your tax debt.

If you are looking for an experienced, reputable, and trusted tax law firm, then do not hesitate to contact Hillhurst Tax Group by phone at 949-531-7909 or online by visiting octaxrelief.com and filling out the contact form ( e.g. who and how much do you owe, a description of your tax problem, and when you can be contacted) in order to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of the best OC tax atorneys and discuss the best tax debt relief options for you.

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