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What We Know About Benghazi: Obama Should Resign

October 29, 2012 | By | 34 Replies More
What We Know About Benghazi: Obama Should Resign

The Benghazi scandal continues to metastasize like a creeping cancer across the body politic whether or not the press chooses to diagnose it as such. Bigger than the election itself, more momentous than Hurricane Sandy, and certainly more important than a fabular war on women confected out of pure imagination, this is one of the darkest and most disturbing scandals in modern presidential history. Still, only conservative media outlets have decided to cover it like the historic story that it is, playing a frustrated Cassandra to a stubbornly oblivious mainstream media.

A brief chronicle of slowly unfurling events reveals a dark development that begins with dispiriting incompetence and ends with cowardice so chilling it smacks of treason. Let’s be good Cartesians and begin with what we know for certain: We know President Obama had ample reason to provide additional security to the embassy in Benghazi, measures specifically requested by Ambassador Stevens, and chose not to. We know that the embassy was attacked in a tactically coordinated offensive by terrorists and that the President knew this almost immediately. We know Obama spent weeks, along with his PR factotums, denying the existence of intelligence to this effect that we know he possessed. We know he simply conjured a gossamer tale about an offensive video that he maintained was the sole purpose for the attacks,  and that the assault organically sprung from a convulsive mass protest that never happened. We know he even had the film maker arrested on dubious charges, fully aware he was only guilty of exercising his First Amendment rights. We know he circulated this transparently ludicrous folderol as fact until it became impossible to sustain before even a whisper of incredulity. We know, at the moment everyone could say they too knew, that he pretended he called it terrorism from the very beginning.

A few days ago, this magazine reported that Obama denied at least three requests for military assistance as the embassy was under siege. We know a fighter jet could have been there within the hour, special forces commandos within three, and that he had adequately actionable information within two, and the fighting raged on for seven. We know that he still denied these requests.

We know that neither General Petraeus nor Leon Panetta denied these requests. A spokesman at the CIA ruled this out emphatically: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. ” We also know that, operationally speaking, only the President could make such a decision, and so, as he often likes to cavalierly claim, ultimate responsibility must rest with his office.

In itself, this is a despairing scenario to envision, our president withholding support from Americans he ordered into harms’ way, inadequately equipped by his command. Alas, it gets worse.

Lt. Col. Tony Schaefer reported to Fox News that his own sources have confirmed that President Obama actually watched the monstrous attack unfold live, in real time:

“I hate to say this, according to my sources, yes, [the President] was one of those in the White House situation room in real-time watching this. And the question becomes, ‘What did the President do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling?’ He — only he — could issue a directive to Secretary of Defense Panetta to do something.”

If true, what does this reveal about the content of Obama’s character? If he passively watched Americans under his command murdered, endowed with the power to potentially rescue them but chastened by the political fallout? If in order to insulate his foreign policy house of cards from the riotous gale of wind blowing through Northern Africa and the Middle East, he sacrificed Americans he could have saved? And then lied about it repeatedly, unrepentantly, with histrionically feigned indignation?

We know enough to demand candid answers to the few, macabre questions whose answers we still do not know. We know that if what we suspect turns out to be true, the request for another four weeks, let alone four years as Commander in Chief, should be summarily denied. We know we deserve better, and so do the Americans who were murdered that day, while their President purportedly watched on television, anxious about his election prospects. We know this is a morbid story, full of gruesome sadness, and we can almost excuse the press for their irresponsible neglect of things we all wish we did not know, that we could unlearn. We know more than we can bear, but now we must know more.


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  1. We as a nation must realize the importance of obamas actions and his non-actions on this matter.
    obama is willing to allow the murder of American heros [ Navy Seals ARE HEROS – community organizers ARE NOT ]
    One must ask within one’s own soul and mind – in the privacy of one’s own thoughts- just HOW low will obama sink – just how little regard he has for this country’s citizens –
    It is of major importance to think about how obamas sees ‘ We the People ‘ about just how little value he places on OUR people, it does not matter about the power of his ‘ freebies ‘ it DOES matter about the value of the very lives of our peoplee.

    • Spirit Dope says:

      Name some recent Navy Seal Heroics

      • Beckie Lee says:

        Just for one recent “heroic”, chancing court martial for disobeying a direct order to “STAND DOWN”. They went to help fellow Americans whom they knew were being murdered for some nefarious reason. Only a hero would go when the odds are totally against them. It seems to me they disobeyed an unlawful order.

        I am sooo looking forward to watching the hearings on this.

    • GoogleUser2 says:

      Two needless wars says a lot.
      About a presidents thoughts and concerns over
      the people that he commands.>see George<
      And the treasury that's blown.
      Spending a trillion dollars on a nation
      that doesn't have paved roads or toilets
      for that matter.
      Fighting a war that when insurgent's shoot
      at our guys and they bomb the house.
      We have to pay the owner for the house.
      Who we don't shoot we pay off.
      Meanwhile our nations left untended.
      Borders that are a joke. We have payed more
      monies to guard germanies borders then are own.
      Now the Republicans want to give trillions more
      to the military??
      They will not build this nation.
      And they live on the military complex's dime.

  2. J.r. Carter says:

    Well just as long as they wait until after the elections, it was not important the night of Sept 11 lets not go and make it a priority now.

    • It is most important that we do it before the election and replace the coward that allowed it to happen!!

    • GoogleUser2 says:

      9/11 = Pearl Harbor^2
      I think I blundered onto a right wing
      I have all the answers that fit me site.
      As a independent I deplore politics
      in governance.Both parties have shanghaied
      our government.we need to kick them all
      out. That’s what the tea party movement was
      Enough of the self enrichment!!!
      But the reps sucked it up like a big fish.
      Will we ever see an end to the cycles of
      pandering left and then right.

  3. Pam Green says:

    Ivan, please clarify something for me. I keep reading that only Obama could have given the order for help to arrive. Isn’t the opposite true? Only Obama could have prevented the military from sending help to Benghazi. Only Obama could have ordered them to stand down. Right?

  4. John Lyman says:

    I would think you’d still be calling for his head over Obamacare. The facts still need to be sorted out and Congressional hearings and the administration’s own investigation will uncover what exactly happened.

    • Ronald Townsend says:

      Really? The fox can watch the hen house. It was only because of a truely independent press the Nixon had to resign. Where is Woodward and Bernstein when you need them?

  5. Logan1228 says:

    Just what we need an investigation conducted by the perpetrators themselves. Wonder how Nixon would have liked that scenario? Headed by the same man who lied to the American people for weeks about what really happened and to this day refuses to answer any questions regarding his role. This man will sacrifice anyone (remember Rev. Wright?) on the altar of his ambition.

  6. Ralph Perez says:

    So… how many more deaths would you like to see as a result of this incident? Quit beating the war drums, America is getting sick of privately owned Pentagon directed news.
    Also see Julian Assange’s latest blog in the huffington post. Very interesting the way certain people maneuver others to war.

  7. Jay Stern says:

    Article title is incorrect: should be “Why hasn’t Obama been impeached and removed from office?”