How to Add a Bidet to Your Bathroom (without a remodel)

When do people think about bidets what majorly do you think is their area of concern? Could it be environmental? Hygiene? Or tradition? There are various theories that can explain this. Whatever the reason could be there are so many other facts that are floating out there in support of the bidet toilet seat comparison chart, which indicates that bidet seats is always a better option than the consumption of any other household toiletries.

The primary concern is that for you to install a bidet toilet seat you will have to redo all the plumping in you bathroom which in most cases is small. This is always a valid concern for there is no one who would wish to get rid of floors and also the wall in this case the cost will automatically outweigh the benefits. Lucky enough there are companies which have manufactured Bidet toilet seats which are attachable and can rightfully fit your toilet.

With Bidet toilet seat the worry that one will have to do an expensive bathroom remodel is gone. Alongside the affordable cost, saving on space and water savings having a bidet also will have a positive impact on the environment.

What has made the installation of Bidet toilets so easy is that you will not be required to do additional plumbing? Some of the essential steps on how to add a bidet toilet without a remodel are explained below.

Remove the existing toilet.
When your seat and lid are closed, then you will see two caps just behind the seat. It is these caps that cover the mounting holes in your toilet where bolts are inserted to have a seat to the toilet secured. You will, therefore, need a screwdriver preferably flathead one to open the caps and have the bolts underneath revealed. Then with the use of a screwdriver, you will have to unscrew the bolts. You will then need to lift the toilet seat, and the mounting holes will be exposed.

Mount the new bidet seat.
This is always done after the installation of mounting bracket For a mounting bracket to be installed it has to be placed on the mounting holes just behind the bowl. Next, you will need to have the rectangular rails to be inserted on both the right and left sides of the bracket. Once this is done, you will have the bolts doped through the mounting holes and guide rails. By so doing you will be securing the mounting bracket and once it is secure then slide your new bidet just on to the bracket.

Connect to the water supply.
Since your bidet seat is now secured to your toilet, the last thing you will need to do is to have the water supply connected. Make sure that all the connections are tight as required then open your water supply and check to make sure that there is no leak.

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