Do you need a wrongful termination attorney

Most employer-employee contracts in the US are “at will.” This means an employer can fire employees for any reason, with or without cause. It also means employees can quit at will, without giving notice. With this being said, employers can’t fire employees for unlawful reasons. In such cases, you might need to hire a wrongful termination attorney to represent you. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, or aren’t sure, an attorney can guide you, answer your questions, and let you know if you have a viable claim or not.

They’ll research the facts

wrongful termination attorney will find out what happened. There are several reasons, which are unlawful, employers might terminate employees. Some of these include

  • Issues with employment contract (if they didn’t comply with all terms in the contract, this might be unlawful termination)
  • Discipline procedures weren’t lawful
  • Differential treatment (if you are a “protected class and were fired because of this, it is unlawful)
  • Retaliation (if an employer was upset at something you did/didn’t do, they can’t simply fire you because they are upset and want to get back at you)

Some of these claims are harder to prove than others. If you believe you were terminated for one of these, or other unlawful reasons, your attorney can look through the evidence, speak to your employer, get more information, and find out what really happened and led to your termination.

Legal procedures are challenging

The legal procedure of filing a wrongful termination claim is challenging and difficult. Furthermore, most large employers have the best legal teams and departments working for them, meaning they know exactly what to do, what has to be filed, and how to fight the claim you believe you have. When you hire a lawyer to represent you in a wrongful termination claim, the waters become far less muddy. They’ll guide you, determine how to go about filing the claim, gathering evidence, and working to ensure the best outcome, in a complicated legal battle.

Although employment is at will, it does not give employers to adversely treat you, or to illegally terminate you because they are upset at you about something that happened a few days ago in the break room. If you are not sure if you were wrongfully terminated, or have questions about your termination, you can rely on the assistance of a top wrongful termination attorney to guide you through the process and what will follow, if you do choose to file a claim.

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