The Benghazi Report: Facts Uncovered and Revealed by Ivan Kenneally

The Benghazi Report: Facts Uncovered and Revealed

'An Anthology of Ground-Breaking Articles Uncovering the Dark Facts Behind Obama's Deadly Actions in the Benghazi Scandal and throughout the Middle East.'

Featuring Exclusive Interview with Tom Malinowski, the Washington Director of Human Rights and Former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton and Unpublished Exclusive Introduction with Unreleased Facts by Daily Witness

Quote from The Benghazi Report:

We know enough to demand candid answers to the few, macabre questions whose answers we still do not know. We know that if what we suspect turns out to be true, the request for another four weeks, let alone four years as Commander in Chief, should be summarily denied. We know we deserve better, and so do the Americans who were murdered that day, while their President purportedly watched on television, anxious about his election prospects. We know this is a morbid story, full of gruesome sadness, and we can almost excuse the press for their irresponsible neglect of things we all wish we did not know, that we could unlearn. We know more than we can bear, but now we must know more.

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Scandal Breaks Loose. Can Obama Continue to Hide His Intentions for World Power?

4 American's Allowed to Die.

3 Chances to Send in Our Military to Assist and Rescue-Denied?

Intel Gave Countless Chances to Stop the Attack - And We Knew For Years.

President Obama Could Have Prevented This Tragedy - Yet He Won't Even Explain His Actions.

This Isn't the First Time Obama's Desire to Hold Onto His Underground Foreign Relationships Senselessly Led To...

Death, scapegoating freedom of speech, media silence... and no impeachment order?

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? How does he continue to shield his actions from intense public ridicule, and removal from office?

Walk through the secret nightmares caused by Obama's lack of action in one of the most profoundly disturbing scandals in modern presidential history and wade into the true question on every intelligent citizens mind...

Given the Appalling Information Provided Between these Revealing Pages, Can You Decide: Should President Obama Be Impeached?

The simple answer is yes because the insight you are about to reap allows you to open your eyes and quickly realize how he...

  1. Knowingly Allowed Illegal Trespassing of Terrorists Onto American Soil
  2. Caused the Death of 4 Americans on Foreign American Land Through His Lack of Action
  3. Refused to Defend the American Territory Based Consulate
  4. Consciously Blocked the Attack from the American Public
  5. Lied About the Attack Perpetrators
  6. Refused Aide that Would Have Prevented Further Death
  7. Failed to Fulfill Promises Post-Attack
  8. Blatantly Obstructed Justice
  9. Usurped and Abused Non-Presidential Power

Stop. The CIA let the cat out of the bag. What you have heard is far less sinister than what you haven't...

Why does he continue to refuse to answer the questions American's have a right to know with the FACTS?

How has he silenced the press?

Considering the unlimited power given to President Obama, what Intel caused him to make the decision to sacrifice American lives?

Is it simply a sick need to control, ties to underground Anti-American influences, or something far more sinister?

Was this a war crime enacted by the Libyan government? A terrorist attack against what constitutes as American's on American Soil or a scandal far more sinister... set to leverage underground ties.

Americans were murdered on what counts as American soil. We also know that they pleaded for assistance before and during the attacks and that none ever arrived.

If you must know the answers, crave the truth, and live by the facts like most red-blooded American's, you need to read this book, from cover to cover because more is going on than we can possibly reveal through the American Press.

Discover the tragic story that blows open to jar of Obama's power, finally revealing the dark hidden secrets that matter most-what you don't know...

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